Studies, Traveling, Dreams, Wishes

Emilia und Alan am 15.12.2015

Last night Alan visited us for a Welcome Dinner. Alan is really nice and we got along very well. In the beginning we were all a little nervous, not knowing each other yet, but our guest was so easy going that it quickly became a relaxed and absolutely lovely night. Alan, just like my partner and I, is in his mid-twenties and thus we had things to talk about from the very start – studies, travels, dreams, … For our dinner of filled squash, baked goats cheese and salad my parents joined, too. In a mix of German and English we spoke about politics, culture and life itself. It was super interesting for us to hear from Alan about his views and his personal story, and we really appreciate his openness and sharing. It was a truly enriching and enjoyable evening for us and we hope to see Alan again soon! A big thank you to the Welcome Dinner team for making this encounter possible.