Gathering around a set table connects people

Every day, more refugees come to our country and our city in hope of finding a better and safer life. It is difficult to start a new life in a strange country, to learn a new language, to find new friends.

To make this difficult process a little easier, a young Swedish language teacher from Stockholm, Ebba Akerman, had an idea which was as simple as it was brilliant. She wanted to bring Swedish people and refugees together around the same table: Someone who calls Sweden their home invites someone from a different country for a meal. She believed firmly: “A good meal can help to overcome even great barriers.” She founded her “Ministry of Invitation” with a twinkle in her eyes and has since brought together thousands of Swedish people and refugees for a meal.

If this works for Stockholm, it must be possible in Potsdam as well. Our project “Welcome Dinner Potsdam” aims to bring together people from Potsdam and people who have come to our city as refugees, migrants or asylum seekers.
We establish contacts for shared dinners and are convinced that nothing makes it easier to enter into conversation than good food. Both the hosts and the guests learn something about a different culture and different customs, get to know interesting people and perhaps become friends.

To find out how you can take part in a Welcome dinner yourself – either as a host or a guest – click the relevant button.

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