Who can host a meal?

Anybody who considers Potsdam their home can host a meal. One of the hosts needs to speak fluent German.

Who can be a guest?

Anybody who has come to Potsdam from a country outside Germany and who intends to stay can be a guest.

How can I become a host or a guest?

Go to our ‘hosts page‘ or ‘guests page‘ and fill out the form. We will the contact you.

How does a Welcome Dinner work?

At the time you have arranged in advance (or a little later – allow for some delay!) your doorbell will ring, you will welcome your guests into your home and a great evening will begin. Don’t worry that you will find nothing to talk about – a set table is a great connection between people and the best conversation starter possible!

What am I committing to if I register as a host for a Welcome Dinner?

By registering with Welcome Dinner Potsdam you let us know that you are prepared to invite a refugee with a companion (or family) for a meal. When a day and time have been arranged you are committed to serving a meal for your guests and yourself.

What will this cost me?

The meal will cost the hosts no more than what they have to spend to buy the food and drink they want to serve to their guests. For the guests, the Welcome Dinner is free.

Can I serve anything I like?

In principle you can serve anything you would like to offer to your guests. We will find out beforehand whether there is anything the guests don’t eat and let you know.

Can I serve alcohol?

Go ahead. The idea of the welcome dinner is to show what German hospitality is like. But don’t be disappointed if your guest will not have an alcoholic drink with you.

Which countries have guests come from so far?

Our guests so far come from Afghanistan, Albania, Cameroon, Chechnuya, China, Eritrea, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia and Syria.